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Ultima Online Eras

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Ultima Online Eras

Ultima Online: The Second Age (T2A)
1 October 1998
A new area of land called the Lost Lands, along with an in-game chat system and new 
creatures. Also known as T2A. It was released in two boxed versions with the first 
having different artwork and a single manual.

Ultima Online: Renaissance (UO:R)
4 May 2000
Doubled the size of the world, as there were literally two copies of it. The worlds 
were called Felucca and Trammel, after the two moons in Ultima's Britannia world. The 
Trammel world did not allow player killing and was geared towards fighting monsters. 
Felucca also adopted a darker, more foreboding look and kept its player vs player 

Ultima Online: Third Dawn (UO:3D)
7 March 2001
Included a 3D client to compete with 3D competition like EverQuest. Also, a special 
Third Dawn only land was created, called Ilshenar. It was accessible only to 3D clients 
until the release of Lord Blackthorn's Revenge.

Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn's Revenge
24 February 2002
Brought "a dark new world based on new characters from Todd McFarlane" to Ultima Online 
with improved game artificial intelligence, in-game help, and improved character 

Ultima Online: Age of Shadows (AOS)
11 February 2003
Brought the landmass of Malas with space for new housing, two new character classes 
(Paladin and Necromancer) and the ability to customize house designs. The item system 
was completely reworked with this expansion. Armor resistance was split into five types 
of resistance, and many new properties that affected game play were added to weaponry. 
As good equipment became vital, this expansion also brought with it item insurance. 
Subscriptions reached a peak of over 250,000 accounts following the release.

Ultima Online: Samurai Empire (UO:SE)
2 November 2004
Brought ancient Japanese mythology and folklore to the game, two new classes (Ninja and 
Samurai) and a new area to explore, the Tokuno Islands. The new class skills shifted 
the balance of player vs. player combat away from mage dominance.

Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy (UO:ML)
30 August 2005
Introduced a new race, elves, and a new skill, spellweaving. Several dungeons were also 

Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss (UO:SA)
8 September 2009
Featured a new playable race, the Gargoyle; additional play areas; and three new 
skills: imbuing, throwing, and mysticism. Stygian Abyss also featured significant 
upgrades to the Kingdom Reborn client, which has been renamed to the Enhanced Client. 
The original client is still supported.

Ultima Online: High Seas (UO:HS)
12 October 2010
Focused on additions to fishing, sailing and the pirate skill. Four new ship types, 
improved ship movement, pirate NPCs to hunt, and new boss encounters are introduced 
along with improvements to the fishing skill like new types of fish and crustaceans to 
catch and an increased skill cap

Ultima Online: Time of Legends (UO:TL)
New Areas: Shadowguard and Valley of Eodon; two new champion spawns; Completing the 
virtue system; lots of new items; new skill—masteries; updates to classic housing.

The Freeshard Community continues the legacy of the Original Ultima Online with many custom expansions.  You can visit http://www.uoportal.com to view the free-to-play top list and play on shards build by UO fans
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